UK Green Investment Bank launches 'Green Investment Handbook'

19 Mar 2015



The UK Green Investment Bank (GIB) today publishes its ‘Green Investment Handbook’, outlining the practical tools it uses on a daily basis to assess, monitor and report the green impact of its investments.

The handbook includes a series of guidelines, checklists and templates, from guidance on due diligence and how GIB assesses risk, to reporting frameworks and details of how GIB gives context to its green impact calculations.

GIB aims to encourage a discussion across the investment community about how investments can be de-risked and further capital can be crowded in to accelerate the transition to a greener economy.

Download the Green Investment Handbook.

Gavin Templeton, Head of Sustainable Finance, UK Green Investment Bank, said:

One of the questions most asked of us is ‘how we do green’ at the Green Investment Bank – the handbook answers that. This is our manual, setting out and explaining the practical tools we use day-in, day-out. I hope it will make a significant contribution to the wider movement to improve the standardisation of green impact assessment across the investment community.

Peter Young, Chair, Aldersgate Group, said:

The publication of the handbook fills an urgent gap in showing how a simple but testing approach can be adopted now to give confidence that the term green means something of value. This is a tangible and practical example of GIB showing leadership.

David Gudgin, Partner, Albion Ventures, said:

Pension funds recognise GIB’s approach as best practice and the Green Investment Handbook has already helped attract new investment into Albion Community Power. We are implementing GIB’s green monitoring and reporting requirements and see the publication as a significant step in de-risking investment and adding value to the sector.

Notes to editors

The UK Green Investment Bank was launched in November 2012. With £3.8 billion of funding from the UK Government, it is the first bank of its kind in the world. It is a “for profit” bank, whose mission is to accelerate the UK’s transition to a greener economy, and to create an enduring institution, operating independently of Government.


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