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GIB aims to identify innovative recycling schemes at ‘meet the investor’ event

05 Aug 2015



As part of its efforts to identify innovative recycling projects in the UK,  the UK Green Investment Bank (GIB) is hosting a ‘meet the investor’ event at RWM 2015, Europe’s leading event for resource efficiency and waste management professionals, presenting developers with the opportunity to discuss their projects with its investment team.

GIB is one of the largest investors in UK waste infrastructure, helping to accelerate the UK’s transition to a greener, stronger economy by demonstrating that it is possible to invest in projects that are both green and profitable.

Its investment team has deployed both debt and equity into challenging and innovative financial structures, giving it a thorough understanding of the current financial landscape for waste and recycling investments.

GIB is specifically interested in projects that require between £5m-£50m of funding for capital investment in infrastructure that will help increase UK recycling rates.

Chris Holmes, Managing Director of Waste and Bioenergy at the Green Investment Bank, said:

The UK has made great progress in diverting waste away from landfill, but its recycling sector faces challenges in the shape of volatile commodity prices, global competition and the continued evolution of the supply chain.

The first barrier many developers of recycling projects face when raising finance can be securing open and honest feedback from an experienced investor. Our event is designed to provide them with exactly that.

GIB is welcoming approaches from any UK waste material stream, from alloys to aggregates to high-grade office paper to low-grade mixed plastics, provided:

  • The project is based on proven technology (i.e. not a first-of-its-kind, venture capital investment)
  • The project is at a stage of development where it is ready to start conversations with external investors
  • The project is based in the UK

Download the short application form.

All applications should be submitted by Wednesday 2 September 2015 to wasteandbioenergy@greeninvestmentbank.com

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