Green Impact Advisory

Understanding your green impact

The transition to a more sustainable economy requires investors to understand their impact and make greener choices.  To do this, we need to better measure the impact of our business decisions and investments.

Since the inception of our business we have worked with the principle that ‘what is measured can be managed’, applying our robust green impact assessment process to every GIG investment. We have been at the forefront of innovation in the green reporting field since 2012, with our reporting methodologies being used across investments ranging from direct project finance, private equity, bonds and loans. We have seen and supported the growing demand for transparency and sustainability reporting coming from developers, asset owners, asset managers, project finance providers and energy consumers.

To meet this demand, our Green Impact Advisory team offers measurement, reporting and bespoke advisory services to third-parties, empowering our partners to make more insightful choices, by providing a robust, tangible way to showcase the green credentials of their assets.

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In October 2019, we launched a ground-breaking new initiative to increase the availability of standardised, climate-related data. In partnership with BloombergNEF (BNEF) GIG’s pioneering Carbon Score methodology has been combined with BNEF’s market-leading renewable energy project data to build a tool to assess the carbon impact of over 40,000 wind and solar assets globally, representing over 60% of operational or consented projects.