Green Impact Reports

When we started work in 2012 there wasn’t a way of measuring green impact that was meaningful to us. There was no methodology with sufficient academic and scientific rigour that could be applied pragmatically, day-in and day-out, through a commercial investment process.

So we built our own: an approach to measuring green impact, designed by investors for investors.  We published a description of how we do this in our green investment handbook.

We have evolved our methods over the past four years, and we know the evolution will continue. We hope that by sharing our approach, and how we apply it in practice, we can help advance the idea. We believe that this subject is a vital tie to bind the work of infrastructure developers and investors to the climate goals agreed in the 2015 Paris Agreement.

 We have adopted a mantra from the Scots physicist Lord Kelvin – ‘What gets measured, gets managed’. These reports are how we bring that mantra to life.

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